Whether you are a Fresher ready to make your mark in the IT industry or an experienced professional eyeing new challenges, you’ll find the opportunity that’s right for you at NTT DATA.


As a Global IT Innovator, NTT DATA is an exciting place to begin your career. We offer students and recent graduates a clear roadmap for advancement. Our learning and certification system, combined with a well-defined internal career path, help you get ahead based on your skill and effort.

At NTT DATA we actively seek out Freshers through on-campus recruiting and those who are entering the job market after graduating from university. We understand that the job market is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming place. Our experienced recruiters are here to help you through the process of finding the right job — one that fits your skills and aligns with your goals.

We treat our Freshers like family, helping them quickly learn their roles and responsibilities and guiding them on a path of advancement and opportunity.

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From Mid-Level Technologists to Experienced Professionals

Wherever you are in your career today, there is an exciting opportunity and a clear pathway to advancement at NTT DATA.

NTT DATA is an innovation partner for a wide range of  clients. Many employees join our team to expand their own technology skill sets and gain experience across industries.

Our size and scope creates a breeding ground for best-in-class professionals who come together to innovate, create, develop, and improve. There are as many ways to contribute as there are NTT DATA roles, from project managers and business analysts to technical architects, QA specialists, and developers. 

Whether you are building enterprise, cloud, and mobile applications, or helping a client create a more flexible IT infrastructure, NTT DATA offers interesting, challenging work and opportunities to evolve to the next level.

We encourage you to jump in and make a difference.

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Global Assignments and Multi-Dimensional Teams

One of the best ways to develop as a professional and a leader is to take part in global assignments and work on multi-dimensional teams. Global assignments are part of our professional development approach, but they also play a key role in our business model, ensuring that we are fostering integrated, global work teams. By working on these diverse teams you learn and advance quickly by sharing knowledge with more experienced colleagues.

With a global client base that spans healthcare, life sciences, insurance, financial services, the public sector, and more, there is no shortage of opportunities to diversify your own experience. We encourage you to go deep and broad and challenge yourself at every turn. This motivating environment is one of the greatest benefits of working at NTT DATA.

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Leadership and Professional Development: A Path to Advancement

Leadership and professional development at NTT DATA is not just about attending a training class or sitting in on a conference call. We assess your skill set and goals and build a curriculum around your needs and aspirations. It is a unique and proactive approach designed specifically for employee learning, growth, and improvement so that you can quickly advance your career. 

The NTT DATA Learning and Certification Institute promotes learning through academic coursework and programs, helping employees — at all levels — achieve a range of technical and project management certifications. We also provide opportunities to achieve industry certifications along with in-house certification programs conducted by our subject matter experts.

We empower you to explore management and leadership development through programs that target managers, senior managers, and executives. 

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