Business Process Outsourcing

Flex Faster to Business Changes With Customized, Agile BPO

All businesses are under intense pressure to earn value on their operational assets. But no two businesses are alike. That’s why NTT DATA delivers its Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO) with an agile, customized approach designed to drive the key business outcomes you need for your industry.

With our recent acquisition of Dell Services, now NTT DATA Services, we offer an expanded portfolio of industry-centric BPO services. While we work to integrate our portfolios, we invite you to learn more about the NTT DATA Services’ BPO offerings.

At NTT DATA, we’re different because we focus our BPO services around process optimization and efficiencies by creating synergies between IT and BPO. We also emphasize the value of better data management and analytics to help you make more informed and more competitive business decisions.

Backed by deep domain and technology expertise in multiple industries, we can deliver innovation when and where you need it. And as one of the few service organizations that is CMMI Services Level 5 compliant, wWe have demonstrated the process optimization, control, and rigor that fast-tracks tangible results. As a result, you can stay to let you stay competitive, expand product offerings, and enter new markets with less risk. Most of all, we sustain long-term, deep relationships with our customers, so you can count on us as a trusted business partner long after near-term gains have been achieved.

Get Customized BPO Solutions With Flexibility and Global Reach

Our solutions and services can be purchased individually (to assist in targeted business areas or overflow situations), or as a full-service BPO model where we become a full partner with you and your respective software vendor(s). NTT DATA provides services onshore, offshore, or on a blended-shore delivery model. We can work with you to fine tune the delivery model to allow for maximization of savings while not compromising internal policies or regulatory requirements.

BPO Overview