NTT DATA Consulting - Case Studies

Addressing the Specific Dynamics of Your Industry

Consolidation of Core Deposit Platforms Serving More than 40 Million Customer Accounts

Successful consolidation delivers significant cost and process efficiencies.


Transformation strategy, roadmap and governance targets deeper loyalties and increased revenues.

Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program

In 10 weeks, this risk assessment work enabled the client to implement its three-year plan to reach target state.


Partnership gets multi-year initiative on track.

In-Sourcing Home Loan Originations Saves $250 Per Customer

A state-of-the-art originations center that improves the customer experience.

Mortgage System Conversion to Deliver Nearly $26 Million in Cost Savings

Systems improved, money saved, and customers converted successfully.

Card system improves cost efficiencies and customer experience.


New monitor and testing roadmap evolves bank’s ability to meet and sustain compliance requirements.


Integration solution enables bank to reap the rewards of early Apple Pay market entry.


Management of complexity and risk key to large-scale platform conversion success.


Fast and efficient testing solution enabled timely rollout of new product platform


Testing solution ensured a fast and seamless transition to the new mortgage processing system.

New system gives customers what they want while reducing burden on bank’s customer service channels.