Driving Unprecedented Business Innovation

Technology is no longer simply a business enabler — it is the driver of unprecedented business innovation. Spanning the virtual and physical realms, it empowers and engages users like never before. Drawing on data and content from new sources, and delivering products and services on multiple devices, technology gives you the power to reimagine business models, rewire business processes, and create incremental and new revenue opportunities to deliver 21st century value, quickly and securely, to customers, partners, and employees alike. That's why digital business stands at the top of the CEO agenda.

You know who your competitors are today, but do you know who they'll be tomorrow? Disruptive innovation is overturning the order in established markets and industries at a speed and magnitude inconceivable just a few years ago. Many of the most disruptive and successful digital business solutions to date have come from startups — companies such as Uber, Ingenie, and Airbnb that have no legacy systems and infrastructure to contend with. These innovators are free to build their digital business solutions using the most flexible and cost-effective advanced technologies available. Digital business is not a trend. This is a seismic shift.

Are you driving change in your industry — or reacting to it? How can your organization benefit from empowering customers? What new business model will ignite your next surge of growth? What new solution will create a more satisfying experience for your customers? What new data sources will provide the real-time insights you need to make a greater business impact? How will your business processes need to change to deliver greater value?

“NTT DATA showcases its strong culture of innovation and capability to support clients with a broad set of proprietary assets and clear differentiation around mobile testing. By providing high-quality, repeatable, and flexible testing services, NTT DATA is well-suited for clients addressing digital business and the resulting complexities across the entire application lifecycle.” – Tom Reuner, Managing Director for IT Outsourcing Research, HfS Research

The Promise of Digital Business

The promise of digital business is galvanizing action by enterprises of all sizes. Some will fail, some will be wildly successful, and others will move too slowly to matter.

Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA helps improve the odds. We understand that becoming “digital” is not a one-project wonder. And few enterprises can afford the time and resources of a complete business model transformation.

Enterprise-Grade Digital Business produces a dramatic, yet attainable, impact by transforming end-to-end business processes – creating a path to achievable business results, from improved customer care to greater operational efficiency to faster time to market.

Enabling business strategy, Enterprise-Grade Digital Business helps you re-imagine business processes from your customer, partner, or user all the way into your core systems – achieving seamless digital enablement for increased speed and agility along with an improved overall immersive experience.

Digital Enablement 
Enabling business strategy, Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA helps you re-imagine business processes from your customer, partner, or user back into your core IT systems

Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA

Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA is built upon four principles:

  1. 1Enterprise-Grade Digital Business keeps the customer experience at the center of the business and every interaction, empowering customers to fully engage with the business – protecting and enhancing relationships that drive growth.
  2. 2Enterprise-Grade Digital Business aligns with a clearly articulated business strategy so your organization understands the desired business outcomes and how best to achieve them.
  3. 3Enterprise-Grade Digital Business assesses and redefines end-to-end business processes, working across systems and organizations to uncover new sources of business intelligence, drive out inefficiencies, and increase speed.
  4. 4Enterprise-Grade Digital Business leverages new digital technologies yet balances the integration and renovation needs of critical applications and core systems to achieve digital enablement across the enterprise. We do not ignore the old for the new.

Many service providers profess to understand digital business. But NTT DATA is uniquely equipped to partner with you on this journey — igniting Enterprise-Grade Digital Business on your terms with our strategic insight, industry and business process knowledge, technology expertise and unique IP, and global delivery teams. Explore Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA.

With our recent acquisition of Dell Services, now NTT DATA Services, we offer expanded digital business services and capabilities. While we work to integrate our portfolios, we invite you to learn more about NTT DATA Services and our digital business expertise.